Sunday, 13 November 2011

Farewell San Francisco and Viva Las Vegas

Well we left San Fran this morning and arrived in Vegas this afternoon. Three flights down, four to go. This place is insane. We are staying are Circus Circus which is the most kid friendly hotel/casino (In Vegas) if there is actually such a thing. There is a roller coaster in the hotel. So far I have won 2 stuffed animals in the carnival games.

Quick stop for dinner. All you can eat ribs for $15 and I am ready for bed. Two beds, five people, one room. This will be cosy. Not sure how much sleep anyone will get. Tired though so will try.

In other news, the hottest thing that I have had so far has been these Cheetos. Had them last night and literally had my ass kicked from the inside this morning. Ouch.

Currently listening to: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
Currently drinking: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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