Monday, 21 November 2011

Hollywood Babylon and the Goose is Loose

Hollywood LA. What a grimy, seedy, dirty place. I love it. Even the shop mannequins have fake boobs. Have been here a few days and have spent most of it cruising Hollywood Blvd looking at shops, and just catching our breath back. The kids have been loud and argumentative. Particularly L has been giving us some grief. Hopefully she snaps out of it because its starting to put a downer on the whole thing.

We are staying about 5 mins from the centre of Hollywood so most things are in walking distance. However, yesterday we went to mass (say what) at a local catholic church and there was a massive storm where streets were flooding. We found out the hard way that you don't hail cabs in LA, you have to call and book them. Luckily a nice girl at the pharmacy called a cab for our little drowned rat looking family before we were mugged.

Managed to find some time to head out to High Voltage Tattoo and get a small piece to commemorate our recent special occasion. Kat Von D wasn't in but Khoi Boto hooked me up. Rad shop with a cool atmosphere. Was fun having a chat with some rad dudes while getting stabbed with a thousand needles.

Also, booze is so cheap. Have had a few six packs for $2.99. Not the best beer but certainly drinkable. Also found some vodka for $10 for a 1.75 litre bottle. Haven't tried this because you can get Grey Goose for $28. The Goose is loose.
Tonight I'm heading out to Sunset Strip to see Steel Panther play at the House of Blues. Might cop a feed at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, otherwise know as Whisky a Go Go. You know how it is.

Currently listening to: Steel Panther - Balls Out
Currently drinking: Grey Goose Vodka

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