Saturday, 12 November 2011

Muir Woods, Golden Gate Bridge and everything else

Well we finally managed to get ourselves onto a tour. Jumped on the tour bus (from hell) and headed out to Muir Woods. After an hour or so of scary ass, almost rally like driving (in a bus) and we are there. What a place. The trees are hundreds and hundreds of years old and some were over 300 feet tall. Incredible to be surrounded by such majesty. Quick stop off at Sausalito for lunch and back onto the blessed hellride, back to the wharf.

Jumped on to another tour of just the city this time. Highlights included getting up close and personal with the Golden Gate Bridge and seeing where some of Full House was filmed. Eff. Yes. Only downside was the kids towards the end of the day. 1 kid, even 2 are fine but get the 3 of them together when they are tired and they are the devil. Not even exaggerating. The actual devil. Luckily most of the time, this seems to disappear after a good night sleep. Most of the time.

Lots of awesome places in this city and I kind of wish we were staying here longer because there is just so much to see. I'm sure the rest of the trip will be as good.

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