Monday, 7 November 2011

Quiet day with new shoes

First day that I have cooked breakfast. American bacon is starting to grow on me. (As if there was ever any doubt) Although super crispy, it is jam packed full of that bacon goodness that I love. Just have to ignore how much oil is left in the pan when you pull the bacon out to dry. The kids are not overly fussed with it.

Pretty quiet day today just walking around the city with B looking for some new kicks. Finally settled on a pair of Adidas Samba's for $49. Bargain. I can see myself spending a more than appropriate amount of money on shoes... and hats... and beer. Found a bottle of Seagrams vodka for $9. It will probably tear my throat apart. Verdict tomorrow.

Also upsized my first meal today. I felt obscene lifting a drink that size to my mouth. Made even worse by the fact that my tired, girlish arms could barely do it. I need some sleep.

Tomorrow we get our gay on doing a walkin' tour of the Castro and learning about the amazing story of Harvey Milk.

Currently drinking: Water with crushed ice. Giving the liver a rest tonight.
Currently listenting to: Annoying commentator's voice during an MLS playoff. Robbie Keane was on fire for the Galaxy.

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