Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Why 14 hours felt like an eternity

3am wake-up in preparation for having to be at the airport by 7pm. Anything with kids takes longer than it should, and when there are 3, you can multiply that by 10000000... Finally got through checking in and customs and find that my breakfast burger from Hungry Jacks has tomato sauce on it for some reason. Tomato sauce. This is not a breakfast sauce. BBQ sauce is the only acceptable form of sauce before midday and tomato sauce is the quickest way to ruin a perfectly good piece of bacon. Anyway, back to the hell that is a 13 hour flight with 3 kids. (Mental note - no more kids) . Did I mention that there was a Daddo on the plane? A scarf wearing Cameron no less. A scarf in Brisbane in November? Really?

After arriving in LA safely, we were stuck with a 4 hour wait before our flight to San Francisco. Everyone else caught a few hours of shut eye while I looked after our stuff. Until I realised that I couldn't stay awake (had been awake for around 27 hours and counting). My micro sleeps were getting longer and longer and I was worried we would miss our flights if we all fell asleep. Once we on the plane it is up and down in under an hour and we have landed safely at San Francisco and I look over at my family and realise that I am the only one not to have fallen asleep on the plane with bubble gum in my mouth. Until I look down and see a huge line of drool down my shirt. Hello ladies!

San Francisco Airport was much easier to navigate and in fairly quick time (we have 3 kids), 2 were on the BART and headed for our apartment. A 30 minute walk up the steepest hill I have ever seen (not an exaggeration) and we are home for the next week. Everyone else is too tired to go out so I head out to find some dinner and booze. Pick up some beers at a reasonable 12 Benjamin's for a 12 pack and I am good to go. Decide to head back and just order some home delivery pizza and hot wings. Hot wing verdict - pretty hot. Any way, I can barely keep my eyes open so am going to get some sleep. This has been the longest transit ever. Although it was only 14 hours of flights, it has taken twice that long to get here.

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  1. You'll have to do a hot wing review for us at each place! Mmmm, wings and beer...