Friday, 9 December 2011

Back in Vegas baby and too many Oreos

After a quick stop at the US Postal Service (an hour, and what a bunch of useless, lazy jerks), we are on our way. Made the drive from Anaheim to Vegas. Took around four hours but was awesome just to cruise through the desert. Amazing to see how sparse and open it is out here. Vegas really is in the middle of nowhere. I drove most of the way while M took over for the last hour or so.

This time we decided to spend a little more to not stay in Circus Circus which is in the ass end of town. Was able to get two rooms in Excalibur for a pretty good price and we were pretty keen to get some space from the wiener patrol. When we got here and they told me that the rooms were not adjoining I was about ready to explode. I think she could sense how close I was to the verge so she went and got her manager. After I explained the situation, be comped me (free upgrade) to some bigger and better adjoining rooms in a better part of the hotel. Yeah buddy. Excalibur is so much nicer than where we stayed last time.

Z was feeling a bit sick (see below for what happens when you eat too many Oreos), while I went down stairs to get some dinner with the girls while the warden dealt with that situation. But no wifi in our room. Only Ethernet. What the hell am I supposed to do with that. Will try and pick up a wireless router tomorrow to see if that will work.

Tomorrow, back to street drinking. Ahhhh, I'm home...

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Currently drinking: Black Tooth Grin (RIP Dime, and Lennon)

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