Monday, 12 December 2011

A canyon. The grandest canyon of them all... The Grand Canyon. And a blizzard in SoCal. DOUBLE YEW. TEE. EFF?

Bus trip out to the Grand Canyon. Fourteen hours but worth every second. Took about 5 hours to get out there from Vegas on a bus but would have been insane to try and drive out there with the wiener patrol. Took the south rim tour. No skywalk but got to see the canyon at its widest and deepest. I have never seen anything that big in my life (insert dick joke here). Over 18 miles wide and over a mile deep. I knew that it would be cold but had forgotten (stupidly) that it gets cold in the desert. Real cold. Started seeing snow about an hour out of Vegas and by the time we got there, everything was covered in it. Wasn't as cold while the sun was out but once the sent when down... chilly willy. Even saw a ground squirrel poking its furry little face out of a hole in the ground, looking for some nuts to bury or or hide or whatever they do with it. I know they are rodent pests, but I still love squirrels. So much cuter than rats or mice.

Today we left Vegas. Goodbye old friend. See you again soon I hope. Four hour drive back to LA with a quick stop for lunch at the Mad Greek Cafe. Google it. Yum. Did not expect to have to drive through an almost blizzard. Seriously, seventy miles out from LA and we hit a snow storm. WTF? Did not even know it could snow here, and everyone we have spoken to since did not believe us. Was totally crazy. Looked overcast for a bit and then we hit some light rain. And then we were like, what is with all the white stuff on the side of the road. Oh shit. It's snowing. Hard. We spent a harrowing twenty five minutes driving down a steep mountain in a snow storm. Was pretty scary and unexpected but cool at the same time. One of those things that while it's happening you don't think about it too much but afterwards its cool. Finally got back to LA, (Hello old friend), and had to give the tank back. Next hour spent in a cab due to this crazy weather, getting to our hotel near LAX. Tomorrow New York. Temporarily.

Currently listening to: Guns n Roses - You Could Be Mine
Currently drinking: Some cheap ass vodka. It tastes like... thirteen dollars a bottle. But its still vodka. Win.

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