Saturday, 31 December 2011

Katz, the king of sandwiches and the LES

Started off the day with a hat dilemma. As in, which one should I wear, Yankees, Phillies or old faithful. Thought it might be a bit colder so settled on old faithful. Now that the hat situation was sorted I was ready to rock.

We decided to head out to the lower east side to try out some Katz sandwiches ( for supposedly the best sandwiches in NYC. For $17, they would want to be. And they were, but more on that soon. We waited outside for nearly twenty minutes in line before the security guard let us in. When we finally did get in we were shoved towards the twenty metre long counter by a swarm of other people inside, all the while being yelled at by other security guards to keep moving towards the centre. Place was insane. We luckily scored a table, so we all sat while the warden went and organised the sandwiches. One counter for sandwiches, another counter for drinks and another one for hotdogs. Just a crazy setup inside to get your food but the locals seemed to know what to do. Once I took the first bite of my brisket of beef sandwich though, I knew that it was all worth it. Thing was over two inches thick in the middle. Meat sweats started coming on after only half, but with my ever expanding waistline, this was no challenge for me. Well maybe a small one. M opted for the pastrami Reuben which she also had trouble putting away. A hundred dollars well spent on sandwiches later, and we are ready to explore the lower east side a bit.

First stop is the The Tenement museum to learn about some of the immigration history of NY. Unfortunately the tours were all booked out but we will have to make some time to get back there. Had a good look around in the gift shop where we stumbled on some bacon flavoured toothpaste. Just had to get some. Now I can start every day, bacon fresh.

Next stop was Babycakes Bakery where M had been wanting to go. Cupcakes looked delicious and the taste... well they looked delicious. Was the most disgusting treat I can ever remember having. Only had a couple of bites and realised something was wrong. Stupid hippies with their stupid hippy cupcakes using cactus syrup instead of sugar as a sweetener. Yuk.

We finished the day, playing in a small park where the kids made some new friends. We may have even found a baby sitter. Bring on the child less fun.

Also included some pictures of the girls hair adventures from yesterday.

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