Saturday, 24 December 2011

Very unmetal but extremely christmas... BAM & the ballet

So yesterday the warden braved the masses down at Atlantic Terminal to get all the Xmas presents sorted. Place is packed and pretty safe during the day, but not the sort of place you want to hang around at night. Unless you're looking for crack. Then it's perfect. We knew she was going to be a few hours so we made some more decorations for the tree. We also got ready a bit early so I could squeeze some mcnuggets in before the ballet started. Still five dollars for twenty nuggets. This is living.

M had bought tickets to see the Nutcracker at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Now this might be surprising to some, but I have never been to the ballet before, so I wasn't to sure what to expect. Was actually a good frame of mind for me because it couldn't possibly be as bad as I was expecting it to be. However, I was completely blown away. A live orchestra played the entire thing underneath the stage while the dancers were on top. Was such a good show And the two hours flew by. I could have watched the dancers in the land of the sugar plum fairy all afternoon. Very unmetal of me.

Took the wiener patrol back to Atlantic to pick up a few small gifts for each other while the warden wrapped the stuff she had bought earlier. Forty five minute wait at the checkout and we are done. Cajun steak for dinner (good call B), and the kids are in bed while we start to watch a show we have been hanging out for a while. Parks and Recreation. So good.

This morning I headed back out to Atlantic to do my shopping. Hopefully everyone is happy with what I got them. I'm handing out my gifts tonight, as it is xmas eve and that is my tradition. Being Finnish and all. Santa and the warden deliver on xmas morning. Had a quick, but rad Skype with the Smalleys and now the girls are watching TV, Z is in the bath and M is in the kitchen. Baking my Ham. Lets get it on. Somebody bring me my buffet eating pants.

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