Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Horribleness, Dinosaurs and Walking Philly Style. And Another Cheesesteak.

Arrrggggghhhhh! If anyone is wondering how long is too long to go on holidays with your family, the answer is three months. We are all getting sick of each other and need our own space. Last three mornings and nights have been horrible. Luckily the days have mostly made up for it. Vodka helps.

I stayed home with the horrible one while M took the others out. Ended up ordering takeout and watching Kindergarden Cop and Tommy Boy. Absolute classics. The others came home and we decided to check out the Natural History Museum. The butterfly exhibit was supposed to be awesome but was a bit of a disappointment. The dinosaurs were rad though. I never get sick of seeing fossils and statues. Pretty cool afternoon. Made up for the morning.

The next day started with another tantrum so the warden took the two good ones out and I decided to go for a long walk with the horrible one. She hates walking but I had a lot of stuff I still wanted to see and I was determined not to have my day ruined. First we walked two miles to get to Philadelphia Java Company. This is the coffee shop where the waitress from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia works in the show. Was rad to see the place and best coffee I have had in ages. Then another mile to walk to Penn's Landing to see the river. We stopped at Jim's Steaks on South St which supposedly has some of the best cheesesteaks in Philly. Verdict - They weren't joking. Meat was so tender and juicy and everything was cooked to perfection. Best cheesesteak yet. Then we walked three miles to get to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the steps that Rocky ran up in the movie. We ran up them too. So rad. There's also a statue of Rocky out the front. All in all, ended up being a rad day. Even the company turned out not to be too bad.

Today was the last time we could go to the Reading Terminal Markets. I knew nothing here could top my cheesesteak from yesterday so I decided to get a beef brisket sandwich from Herschels. So good. The warden went home to pack so I took the kids to the Benjamin Franklin Institute. Bad ass. It's an interactive museum where we all had so much fun. Quick bite to eat at the hotel bar. Then back upstairs to pack.
I'm going to miss Philly. We ended up staying here three extra nights because there's so much to do. We leave for DC tomorrow. Back home soon...

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