Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia... Except For Today.

Rolled into Philly on the bus yesterday. Took about an hour forty to get here from NY. Pretty smooth ride. We jumped into a couple of cabs and headed to our hotel. The place is a palace. Probably as big as our old house. It's nice to have a bit of space. There was someone fixing our bathroom sink so we headed out to get some dinner and I was pretty thirsty from all that bus sitting we had done earlier.

We found a little dive bar a few buildings down, which had a sign on it that said families welcome. I had been looking forward to an authentic Philly cheesesteak for months and held out until we got here. Verdict - Amazing. Came on a big roll with thinly sliced steak, covered in melted cheese. Steak was delicious, tender and so easy to eat. Almost like it was pre chewed. I felt like a little bird, who's mum had pre chewed their food for them and then spat it onto my dinner. And for over thirty years I have been chewing my steaks like a chump... After a few ales to wash it down with we headed back to our hotel to put the wiener patrol to bed.

I was keen to check out the hotel bar so I slipped out for a cheeky beer downstairs. Rad little bar where I met an Irish waitress who used to live in Mt Gravatt. She was super nice and I thought the warden would enjoy some civilized, adult conversation so I came back up and sent her down. Bad move. She stayed down for a few hours before coming back and sending me down. Some kind of crazy ass party going on. Drinks and shots were flowing way too easily. Being the responsible parent I am, I bailed early and sent M back down. Some time in the wee hours of the morning she came home. The rest of this paragraph has been censored to avoid embarrassment.

In the morning, the warden was in no condition to do anything so I took the kids out for some late breakfast at the Reading Terminal Markets. I had heard great things about the food here and it didn't disappoint. Over a hundred different stalls of all kinds of food. Was raining most of the night and looked like it was pretty set in. Only about fifteen minutes walk from where we are staying though, so wasn't too bad. I opted for a beef brisket sandwich. Was not as good as Katz in NY but was half the price and still pretty awesome. Going back for Philly cheesesteaks tomorrow. The kids all decided on crepes.

When we got back to the hotel, I dropped the kids off and went for a walk on my own to scout out the area. Did not expect to see tonne of police cars, a blanket covering a body and firemen hosing down the concrete. Apparently someone had jumped out of a top floor balcony in the hotel next door. I'm glad the kids didn't have to see that. Various reports saying shots were fired, others saying no suspicious circumstances. Either way, sad sending to someones life.

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