Monday, 26 December 2016

A couple more walks and a quiet xmas

Last few days have been a bit quiet. Everyone getting on everyone's nerves after spending so much time together I guess. Have still managed to squeeze a few sights in between the arguments.

This lunatic decided to wear a santa hat all day

There's some bloke going around defacing all these signs around the city and some of them are rad AF
Like this one
And this one
And this one

Did a walking tour of the sites related to the Medici family. If you don't know much about the history of Florence or the Medici family then its worth looking up as its a pretty interesting story.

There is not  a bad angle of this joint
The detail in everything is heckers
On xmas morning we had a breakfast of some cold meats and cheeses before heading out for another walking tour. This one was based more around some of the local sites, churches and where famous people either lived or are buried.

Stoked with her present of 5 euros
Every opportunity for gelato
Ninja turtle Donatello sculpture
Ninja Turtle Michelangelo's house
Monument to Dante Alighieri
Xmas desserts
I am absolutely in love with this city. The baroque, renaissance and medieval architecture is just insane. Every direction you look, there is something rad to see. Still looking forward to seeing some of the frescos, paintings and statues by some of the masters over the next few days.

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