Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Transit of Epic Proportions - Viva Italia

So after 2 hours at Brisbane airport, 8 hours to Singapore, 6 hours at Singapore Airport, 12 hours to Frankfurt, 5 hours in Frankfurt, 1 hour to Bologna Airport and then about another hour until we got to our place in Bologna, we're all pretty exhausted. With 3 kids, I guess we'll find out over the next couple of days whether it was worth saving a few hundred bucks a ticket for a 35 hour transit. So far I'm on the fence but will see how the wiener patrol behave over the next few days. Highlights included Ribena frozen drinks in Singapore and hotdogs/beers for breakfast in Frankfurt. Also giant pretzels. You're a giant pretzel, your face is etc.

Travel essentials

Airport Bound
Plane excite much?

Some of us enjoying it more than others

Don't judge me
Frozen Ribena 4 lyfe
Transit hour 32 feels like transit hour 32
Breakfast beers and hotdogs with bae in Frankfurt...
...and the rest of the wiener patrol
After finally arriving to our home for the next few days, which is ridiculously sick by the way, we decided to have a quick walk around the neighbourhood and find something to eat before showering and crashing. We were super keen on a pizza/pasta combo (classic touros), and found a rad little place called Ristorante Pizzeria Il Portico. Once they found out we were Australian they proceeded to change the play list to be exclusively AC/DC. We ordered a couple of different pastas and pizzas, but after the chef noticed our interest in watching him make them, proceeded to grab another heap of dough and spin it around and toss it up. He ended up making a heart shaped pizza as well on the house It was almost enough to bring a tear to the eye of this jaded old man. The meal was so good, and the hospitality so great. I can't imagine a better start to our first night in Italy.

Tired but stoked
Tortellini al ragu
Tired AF now, but it's currently 2:00am and I'm drinking a beer in bed while writing this, having already slept about 8 hours. BRB, getting another beer. The rest of the actual day should be interesting. I'm 100% going to be in trouble when the kids wake up and realise I've eaten most of the leftover pizza. Hopefully I'll be asleep again by then. Also, YOLO.

Gross beer. Amazing feels. Cheers.
Currently listening to: Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever
Currently drinking: Birra Dana (it tastes like a 5/100 on ratebeer but at 50c a tin, I'm not really complaining. I guess)

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