Thursday, 29 December 2016

Art Art Art Art

Quick breaky of cold cuts before heading out to the see the statue of David. Except that I cooked it after getting so much excite about gelato that we ended up on the other side of town.

Couple of leccy cars on the charge

Gelato face
Didn't work out too bad though because that meant we were at the Uffizi and the line up wasn't too bad. We were planning to go there tomorrow but went today instead. One of the biggest collections in the world of renaissance art. I was pretty excited to see a few famous pieces but also found some other gear that was pretty great too.

TFW you're all ready for battle but can't find your pants
Botticelli. Heart.
Pretty good I guess
One of the only Michelangelo paintings
Caravaggio Medusa
Quick stop at the halfway point for some bevs on the terrace ceiling before finishing off the second half of the museum.

The view is ok from up here
It's all about the angle
We had planned to go back to the market restaurant for dinner but found it had closed early so will hit it up tmoz as well. Quick dinner of penis pasta before everyone was ready for bed.

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