Sunday, 18 December 2016

Bye bye Bologna and viva Venezia

The last day in Bologna, everyone had begun to hit a wall. I think a combination jet lag and the amount of walking we've been doing caught up with everyone. I'm still feeling a bit fluey but a couple of Nurofens, some coffee and a beer will fix me right up I'm sure. Today has been heckers AF so missed a day of blogging. Going to miss this place though.

Our little lane
View from the top floor in Bologna
Managed to squeeze in a few things before we left Bologna. Another slice of amazing pizza, a couple of hot chocolates for the kids while I had a few last drinks and the mercato and finished up with the archaeological museum to see a bunch of Egyptian, Roman and Bologna ruins and artefacts. Dinner was a quiet affair at home with the pasta we had bought the day before.
If the pizza is smaller than a small person, I'm not interested

Chocolate fiend necking liquid chocolate before the others had barely started

Lunch xmas beer
Statue of Nero with his head cut off. That is a thing they did if you failed Italy. They cut the heads of your statues.
A marble statue of Neptune. They really like this guy here.
 Breakfast just before we left was another selection of local cold cuts, cheese and fruit. Don't think I will ever get sick of that. We made our way to the train station, grabbing a few more coffees on the way to get us through the long day.

Best way to start the day
The train ride itself was actually quite pleasant and easy to navigate although it dropped us off right on the other edge of Venice. Although it's only 500m away from where we are staying in San Marcos, its almost 2.5kms because of all the winding canals and step bridges. I did 20000 steps yesterday and 15000 would have been dragging this bloody suitcase with a broken handle around. So far we're averaging around 15000 steps a day which I'm pretty happy about. Makes it easier to justify eating a slice of hot dog and chips pizza with a beer for lunch. Which I did today.

Like I wasn't gonna try this
Checked into our little apartment just off the main square. It was absolutely freezing today and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Only around 1 degree but being on the water, the humidity in the air and the wind makes it feel so much colder. We walked a couple of kms to a traditional restaurant for dinner which is still run by an old nonna and her 2 sons. Unfortunately it was closed so we had to settle for some local/tourist grade pasta which was pretty average.
Looking forward to a walking tour tomorrow and hitting up some of the museums, palaces and churches.

St Mark's Square
These look way better IRL
Gelato face
Currently listening to: The bells going off in St. Mark's Campanile
Currently drinking: Nastro Azzurro

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