Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Coffee, pubs, canals. Venice is not too bad eh.

None of us at 100% health yet but we had a big day so time to strap the big boy shoes on. Actually just the same shoes because I only brought one pair, but I did put on two pairs of socks. I had found a place last night I though would be ok for breakfast but we stumbled upon a sick little bakery that was super cheap so we grabbed something small there but no coffee machine. Then just past the place I thought would be good, was an even better place so coffees, hot chocolates for the kids and shared a couple of breakfast slices of pizza.

When hot chocolate is just a cup of barely melted actual chocolate
After breakfast we headed back to St Marks to hit the Basilica. Pretty sick old church but everything pales in comparison to the palace here imo. No pictures inside because you're not allowed to.
Decided to try and make the most of our visitor passes so squeezed 3 museums in before heading out to lunch at a traditional Venetian restaurant out in the burbs. I went for the grilled sea bass which was appaz a traditional dish and the misso got some cuttlefish ink pasta with cuttlefish. Some beers, spritz and red wine had us feeling pretty good about the afternoon.

Just a couple of grimmos out the front of the Basilica
Bridge of Sighs
Misso stoked on a boatload of prosecco
Ink and wine
After lunch we jumped into a gondola for a ride though the canals. Super touristy thing to do but so glad we did it. So peaceful and quiet out on the water and a completely different perspective of Venice than walking the winding streets. We have gotten lost so many times here but that is a thing you do when you're here. Get lost and stumble on gems.

Old m8 gondola
Rialto from the grand canal featuring these 2 mugs
Gelato and bevs
After the ride we headed out to the academic section to see the view from the bridge there because its supposed to be spectacular. Spoiler alert. It was. Only one quick stop on the way for the kids to grab gelatos while a beer and bellini for us. Street drinking is still my fave.

Academia bridge
We had planned to visit the oldest bar in Venice for dinner and grab a few last minute souvenirs along the way. It had been a long day so far and misso commented that I looked like I needed a beer. "That place looks like somewhere you would like". It was called the Devils Forest and it turned out to be sick. Couple of different decent beers on tap and bottle so grabbed a pint of Punk IPA and a tshirt before heading to Do Spade which has been open since 1472. Dinner was a selection of cicchetti and was easily the best food we've had in Venice. So much flavour and so many different options. Kids were all fading fast by this time so headed home to get some sleep before packing tomorrow for Florence.

Open since 1472
Those 7pm feels
Rialto by night
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