Saturday, 31 December 2016

Famous peen, lunch and the duomo

While one of us got the party started a little earlier than others, the rest of us took it easy because we had a pretty long day planned.

8:45am. "Just don't tell my mum"
After breakfast, and not a great nights sleep due to some slightly boisterous new neighbours, we headed over to the Galleria dell'Accademia to see the Statue of David. While there was lot of other amazing artwork there, including a bunch of unfinished statues by Michelangelo, I was surprised at how impressed and in awe I was of David. I have definitely seen some stuff over the last few weeks but I wasn't really prepared for just how awesome this thing is. Over 3 years in the making, it's easy to see why its regarded as one of the most important sculptures of all time.

Unfinished Michelangelo
The big fella
It's a boy!
Because we had missed the market restaurant yesterday, we were super keen on getting there early to make sure that it didn't happen again. And I'm glad we did. I think it was even better than the last time. Food was ridic and we ended up having about 6 courses (or more, I lost count). The old bloke who works there was in fine form again and kept bringing us plates after plates.

This meat is my everything
Dessert platter
Old m8
"I actually vomited a little bit in my mouth after my second plate of  lasagne but I didn't say anything because I wanted to keep eating"
Everyone was super stuffed after lunch and was ready for a nap except me so I went for a long walk around the city and stopped in at my old mates Brewdog for cheeky pint along the way. Couldn't have too many because we had a museum visit plus a trip to the top of the Duomo which was apparently 463 steps. Felt like more tbh. The views from up top were incredible but it was a bit windy and the OHS laws around here seem pretty lax so had to keep a close eye on the kids. Just a tiny rail before plunging to certain death.

Only about halfway up
Duomo ceiling is intense
Get a bitty hell into ya
Worth it. Stoked.
Bit high for some
Quick stop for some custom made magnum ice creams before coming home for an epic game of charades that got serious very quickly.

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