Friday, 23 December 2016

Firenze e Fiorentina

Bit of a quiet day today, although not that quiet I guess since I just checked my phone and we walked over 15kms.
Still stoked on frescos in our apartment tbh
Some of the footpaths are pretty useless when you can only fit one foot on them
Walked over to the local football stadium to pick up some tickets to a Serie A game. To say we were excited was a bit of an understatement. Was a nice walk through a not so touristy area and feels good to be out when its not brutally cold outside. Even took of my jacket for a bit.

Once we'd gotten the tickets, came home and picked the girls up and went for a walk to find some lunch. The local market looked sick but was heckers so we decided to go back tomorrow and try a little sandwich place I had read about earlier. Turned out to be awesome. I also love that you can get beer or wine anywhere and drink it anywhere. Even the local junk shop sells cheap beers. So I had to get one. Street drinking is still the best. The. Absolute. Fucking. Best.

This place
These things
Too bloody right you get a thumbs up for 80c beers
After a walk around the local area, we went home to get some rest because the kids have been falling asleep between 7 and 8 and the game didn't even start until 8:45. Misso was going out for dinner with L so we walked over before the game to grab some hotdogs and beers/fantas and settled in to what we think were possibly our seats. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. The crowd chanted non stop for the entire game with a quick break at half time to I assume, visit the can and get some more drinks. Also there were drink guys walking around the entire time so you didn't even need to leave your seat. Fiorentina played way better than Napoli and were up 3-2 until a penalty in the dying seconds evened the score. Was a disappointing result but pretty stoked to see 6 Serie goals in a game.

Heckers AF crowd
The dream team

Walking tour tomorrow afternoon and the market for lunch. Should be a dece day.

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