Thursday, 29 December 2016


Haven't had a chance to update in a few days because have been pretty busy lording Florence. Have done a lot of walking around the city, seen a bunch of churchy stuff and had some sick meals. bHave also been to a few markets including the leather ones and we all got some florentine leather stuff to bring home.

Stoked on roast
Market tortellini. Ace.
Just about to eat pizza face
Donatello carving in the side of a building
Michelangelo's house
Z had been desperate for a run in a park somewhere so we headed up to Michelangelo Piazza where we thought there might be a park. We couldn't find the park but damn the view from up there was insane. Z found some other kid to kick a soccer ball around in the carpark for an hour while we had a couple of beers and soaked it all in.

What a view. What a beer. What a day.

Yo Dave, put on some pants bro. It's cold out.
One of the things that I've read about before but never really paid to much attention to is this weird thing that catholics call relics. Basically crazy, intricate treasures with a bit of bone from saints, priests, popes, rulers etc built into them. Its honestly one of the weirdest thing to see a sick gold statue and then when you have a closer look, there's a bloody finger in there.

Bits of fingers in this treasure. Ya bunch of catholic weirdos.
Picked our friend Rach up from the train station. Stopped in at the nearest bar for a few cheeky bevs before heading home to work out what we were going to do for dinner. Found a place a few hundred metres away on tripadvisor that had heaps of good reviews so headed down to check it out. One of the best meals we've had here so far. Rach started fading pretty hard so we all went home after dinner and me and the misso popped back out to Brewdog for a few nightcaps.

On the bevs
Deep fried pasta on a plate of ham as starter
Florentine steak
On the bevs again
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