Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lunch and beers

We were all a little late waking up today so decided to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch at the markets we went to yesterday. Damn, what a feast. Lasagne for first course, rare roast beef and potatoes for second course and some kind of apple cake for desert. Washed down with a large Moretti. The old bloke who owns the joint was walking around and talking to everyone and bringing meals left, right and centre. The food was all amazing and will definitely go back before we leave.

Tallie with my lunch
This beef
Flamin' dessert for this flamin' galah
Misso and L were still not feeling great so I took the other wieners out for a long walk while they had a nap. We hit up a couple of the local leather markets before checking out the Ponte Vecchio bridge and the Duomo. Sneaky little pit stop for some delicious gelato before heading home.

Medici Church
Medici church from the other side
It was still pretty early but everyone was tired so I decided to head across to Brewdog Firenze for some me time. Was nice walking through the city without having to keep checking where the kids were and ended up staying for a few beers that I haven't seen available in Australia. Will have to pick up a few before coming home. All in all, a pretty great day tbh.

Beer please
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