Friday, 16 December 2016

Neptune, medieval, towers and it's beginning to feel a lot like xmas

Cold cuts and cheese for breakfast. What a way to start the day. Local mortadella, prosciutto, Parma ham and salami and a few different ages of Parmigiano Reggiano. So good that we went back for more for tomorrow.

Meat and cheese only please
Fist stop today was the famous Neptune fountain made by Giambologna. Built at the direction of the pope at the time after the Vatican took control of the city. The first statue made was by Michelangelo but the people of Bologna were so pissed with being under pope control that they destroyed the first statue so Giambologna was commissioned to create a bigger one. In your face Pope Pius IV. The local guide was very knowledgeable and all the thinking that went into the symbolism included in the statue is pretty awesome.

Selfie king strikes again
We were starting to get hungry by this time and I couldn't pass up another chance to get on board some more of this tortellini action so we headed back to the mercato for an early lunch. Unfortunately the bar was still closed so I couldn't get the party really started at 11:15am. We decided to buy some handmade pasta for dinner while we were there. We settled on some ortichini (green tortellini shaped things with mortadella, prosciutto and parmigiano) and some tortelloni with speck and rocket. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we were heckers tired so wont get to eat it until tomorrow.

That "I'm about to get the best tortellini in the world" face. I have the same stupid grin on my face too.
Dinner options
After lunch we headed over to the medieval museum. We have some pass that gives us unlimited entry to a heap of museums for 48 hours but we gave the kids a chance to research and decide which ones they wanted to go to. Everyone was keen on this one. Heaps of old statues, carvings and weapons made for a pretty rad all round time. Kids were desperate for a gelato and I was still thirsty so while the rest of the guys grabbed some gelato, I popped into a bar for a local IPA. No regrets.
We had walked up to see the Asinelli Tower up close. Also known as the bigger of the two "kissing towers" because they lean in towards eachother. For some reason we though you could only go up on the weekends but once we realised you could go up today, was super keen for it. Until I got about a 1/4 of the way up. 498 steps later and we are at the top. The view was absolutely spectacular up here and having to really work for it, made it that much sweeter. The old wooden steps were pretty tough going up but coming down was even worse. Little wooden handrails and well worn wooden steps had me all kinds of nervous for the rest of the family as it would have been pretty easy to slip and fall down an unhealthy amount.

Tomb of some old dead guy
"Jousting sticks? What does he want for 'em?"
*people in this picture are actually higher than they appear
That view. Heart shaped emoji.
Yeah that's pretty high
After a little bit of local market shopping we stopped home to freshen up (neck a beer) before heading over to an xmas choir concert. Was actually not really looking forward to it but turned out to be awesome. Just so, so, so, unbelievably cold that by the end of it I could barely feel my legs. The kids (and us) were all super tired by this time (7pm) so we decided to save the pasta for tomorrow and just grab a slice of pizza when we came across something that looked alright. Turned out to be the best god damn enormous slice of pizza I've ever had and only cost 9.50 euros to feed the whole family. Perfect end to another perfect day.

La la la la la la la la
Pizza bigger than my face
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