Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Perfect Start to the Holiday

Today started a bit earlier than I would have liked so consequently finishing a bit earlier than expected. I'm in that weird place between jetlag and just really tired, and want to go to sleep but would probably wake up at 2am again if I do. (edit - It's 2am and I did wake up).

Them 2am try to get back to sleep beers
Euro styling for 1 degree weather. Not featured - my giant coat
Our street
We decided to just have a cruisy day today walking around Bologna with no real agenda. Finally walked past a McDonalds. I have been unable to think about almost anything else for about a month after I saw that they had released a Nutella burger, just for Italy. Was it as good as I hoped, maybe not. Was it as good as I expected, maybe a little better. No regrets. Would eat again/10.

Yeah that's pretty good

Lunch at Mercato Mezzo was something I'd been looking forward to. Was keen to try some Italian craft beers and will definitely be going back to try some more in the next couple of days. The food was so simple but so tasty too.

Macchiato for me, legit liquid chocolate for the kids. Check out crazy eyes over here. 

Mosaic IPA and some kind of ham/cheese situation

Saw a bunch of rad looking old buildings including a library built over some ancient roman ruins and a pretty sick old church. Wasn't allowed to tale pictures inside the church for some reason but managed to find a couple of postcards with demons eating people which I was pretty chuffed about. Hails.

San Petronio Basilica
Ruins from 1BC. That's pretty old I guess
The Selfie King
Have booked a walking tour for tomorrow (today I guess now), and plan to hit a bunch of museums over the next couple of days so will hopefully have something more interesting to talk about.

Dinner was just a couple of different fresh pastas and sauces from the local supermarket. So fresh tasting and a super easy meal to whip up. Would have liked to head out to a bar/bottleshop but after dinner and a litre of beer I was already falling asleep on the couch at 6pm. Classic Nappinen. Will definitely need to neck a few more espressos throughout the day. In any case, it has been a perfect start to the holidays.

Help me tiny coffee. You're my only hope.

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