Thursday, 15 December 2016

Petronio, Pasta, Pianos, Pietro

Man this city is so unbelievably rad. Hopefully the rest of the holiday will hold up to it. After a quick breakfast at home of mozzarella and toast, we headed out to grab a quick cappuccino before it got too late. Apparently it is ignorant to drink milk after 10am here and although I am ignorant in many ways, this isn't going to be one of them. Also, it was -1 degree outside this morning which felt about 10 degrees colder than yesterday which was 0.

Stretchy AF

Cold but stoked
We had booked a quick walking tour around the city centre today which I was really looking forward to. Walking tours are one of the best ways imo to get local knowledge and stories about stuff that's not always available in the guide books. The guide was a mad dude who was fluent in a few different languages. He took us back to the Basilica di San Petronio where I was allowed to take pictures inside this time. Although I have less than zero interest in any modern day religion, I do love the history and architecture of old churches. Even though we went here yesterday, learnt so much more about it. Like how the pope at the time hadn't sanctioned the church and shitcanned part of the construction because he didn't want it to be bigger than the sanctioned catholic church at the time. It also has a hole in the roof and something called Cassini's Meridian Line which was one of the largest astronomical instruments at the time and also just a fancy word for a sun dial. Next was a tour of the original university which is one of the oldest in the world. They used to do autopsy lessons in the winter which could last for up to 40 hours or when the body started to smell bad. Quick walk through another church called Santa Maria della Vita, which houses a terracotta sculpture called Compianto del Cristo Morto (Lamentation over the Dead Christ), which is appaz an Italian masterpiece. Pretty rad.

Inside San Petronio
Sundial hole
Library at the old university
Upset over the icing of christ
Another stop at Mercato di Mezzo for some lunch. This time had another couple of Baladin beers which have all been great but most importantly, the best fucking tortellini I have ever put in my mouth hole. I'm not normally a huge fan of tomato based anything but damn this has been good so far.

Damn tortellini, you fine
Selfie king strikes again
Toilet graf is the same everywhere and just as funny
Finished off the arvo with a stop in at a museum of musical instruments and the main actual church in Bologna which is called Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Pietro. Can't even begin to understand how much money has been spent on building and maintaining these things.

"Got any of those old timey pianos?"
The kids were all shattered by the end of the day so M took them home while I made my way to a wanker beer shop I'd been keen to try since I read about it a few weeks ago. Stuck to local/Italian beers which I will drink over the next few days. Yiew.

Pretty self explanatory
Currently listening to: Krieg - The Black House
Currently drinking: Birrificio Rurale Black India Pale Ale


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