Monday, 19 December 2016


Well I may have been a bit premature or optimistic yesterday becasue everyone ended up a little fluey today. Some worse than others. Looking forward to slowing down the pace a little bit when we get to Florence in a couple of days.

Am I doing it right?
The bell tower
After a couple of Italian pastries for breakfast, we headed over to the Doge's Palace. I was super excited as this is one of the main things I wanted to see on the trip and turned out to be even more amazing than I had expected. The architecture and detail
on the inside was absolutely incredible. Pictures and words just can't do it justice. Also I had read that the prisons may be shut to visitors but was super stoked to find that they weren't and we got to tour through the whole thing.

Outside the palace
Every room got more and more crazy
After the palace, I had organised a walking tour through some of the less touristy areas of Venice. If you ever get a chance, jump on the free walking tours around the world. Always so good. We got there about half an hour early so a quick chance for another bite to eat of some local cicchetti which is basically the Italian version of tapas. Also an opportunity for a glass of hot wine and cheeky beer and a couple of macchiatos. The tour was awesome and we learnt a lot about the history of Venice, how it was built and how to navigate the streets amongst other things.

Touching a wall hook brings good luck appaz
When neighbours got married they built a frame between their houses to symbolise it
No new buildings for hundreds of years. Everything is repurposed here. This is an old roman tombstone built into the side of a house because it was a nice piece of marble. RIP.
Cheeky cannoli and beer/wine stop
Public hospital. The ambulances are all boats.
Quick stop for lunch and to warm up after a 3 hour walk. It has been windy, damp and cold most of the time here. Will be double socking today because by lunchtime I could barely feel my feet. The food here has been ok but nothing like Bologna but I guess Venice is not really known for its food culture.

Pizza for one? He almost finished it.
The Grand Canal
Quick stop at Rialto bridge for a romantic photo, squished between hundreds of people and just after wiping the snot from my moustache. Who said romance was dead?
Had plans to go to the basillica after lunch but stopped home for 5 mins, and then I woke up 2 hours later and we had missed clsoing time. Cooked it. Have made plans to visit tomorrow though and looking forward to our last full day here.

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